How to Track your Marketing

Customers learn about your business through multiple channels, it could be your website, signage, referrals, google ads, facebook, instagram, mailouts, newspaper, or a variety of other marketing channels. Each of these marketing have a cost associated so how do you know which marketing channels are most effective and which are not providing value for money. Come learn techniques and strategies for how to track your marketing so that you can focus your time energy and money on those the provide the most inquires.


10th March 2020 @ 7:30pm
in Fort Langley


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Team Performance Strategies

Making sure you hire the right people is critical to your business success. Once they are hired keeping them motivated and passionate about your business can be the difference between happy and unhappy customers. Join us as we explore the best practices in managing employees as a small business, to build a great passionate team, and walk you through the importance of giving feedback and equip you with the tools to begin to give feedback that inspires.


16th April 2020 @ 7:30pm
in Fort Langley



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Everyone in business is talking about how artificial intelligence is going to radically change the future of business. But how does a small business with no technology department leverage this technology. Join us as we outline how artificial intelligence can be used in your small business. And we will demostrate some simple tools you can use in your business right now to take advantage of this technology that don't require advanced tech skills.


May 2020



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Past Business Events


Making sure you hire the right people is critical to your business success. Having the wrong person in the wrong job can be a disaster for your business. In a tight job market like the Fraser Valley attracting and keeping the best employees can be challenging. Join us as we explore a number of techniques to find the right employee and improve your hiring process.


February 2020
Speaker: Stuart


Your business doesn't have the budget that large corporations have for marketing, so you have to be smarter and more efficient in your marketing. Join us as our speaker, Andrew, shares strategies that small businesses can use to make the most use of their marketing budgets. This session will cover both online type marketing and also more traditional styles of marketing

January 2020
Speaker: Andrew

Questions to ASK your Accountant

Whether you are just starting your business, been in business for years, or looking to sell your business; taxes are a major part of the management of your business. Join us as our speaker, Chris, will walk though how to pay yourself, impact of recent tax legislation, and how to plan for selling your business in the future, or handing it to the next generation. Chris will help outline your accountants role in your business and how they can make your business better.

Dec 2019
Speaker: Chris

How to Make your Website BEtter at SElling your Services

Most businesses now have websites, and it might be beautiful or it might be ugly, but does it sell your services? Join us as our speaker, Andrew, walks you through the items that are critical to having a great website. He will be showing real examples of what works and what doesn't work from real businesses. This session has some real practical take-aways that you can take back to your web-designer.


Nov 2019

Speaker: Andrew