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About Langley Business Events

We bring together Fraser Valley businesses to be able to learn from industry experts and share practical tools and strategies to grow your business.


Each month we host a event where we bring in a speaker who will teach on some practical aspect of running a small business and how to implement this in your business. There are no theory's or hypothetical, but rather step-by-step information.

For Small Businesses

Our events are only for Small Businesses. Small business have unique constraints that large businesses don't have, but also have certain advantages. Our events are to designed help show you how to leverage your advantages.


Every business and industry has methods and ways of doing things that could help other businesses. We create a venue to learn the best, most efficient and most interesting ways to do business from other owners.

One-on-one Advice

Our events are designed to be smaller (ie. 20-30 people) so that there are lots of opportunities to ask  questions from the speakers and have meaningful conversations with other business owners. It also allows for examples to be taken from the room instead of hypothetical businesses.

Format of our Events?

Our events are always on a weekday evening because we believe that weekends should be for having fun. We hold them roughly once a month here in the Fraser Valley, in beautiful Fort Langley.

We like to start promptly on time at 7:30pm, because your time is valuable, if you would like to socialize with people you meet at a previous event, or meet some new people you are welcome to come a few minutes early. There will be some light snacks and coffee/tea


Then we sit down at tables of 4-5 people and our guest speaker will spend about an hour to present on some topic of the evening. These talks are designed to be very practical and give you some tangible take-aways for your business. After the speaker presents we open it up for Q&A, and questions about your business.


After the Q&A part then we are officially done for the evening but you are welcome to stick around for a little while to ask the speaker individual questions or an opportunity to talk with other business owners about what is working great in their business or things that are challenging.


Our events are designed to be very informative, friendly, casual (ie. don't show up in a full suit), and to challenge you to explore new idea's and gain deeper understanding of the topic's.


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Why did we Start Our events?

There are a number of business events that exist but we felt there were three problems with them.

Firstly most of them are hosted or located in downtown Vancouver. So we wanted to create a series of events here in the Fraser Valley that businesses can regularly attend without having to commute.

Secondly a number of the events that do exist are single purpose. For instance if you are a CPA accountant they have events just for CPA's or there are events just for online marketing. Because running a business is made of many different parts we wanted to create a series of events throughout the year that can teach you how to do all the different areas of your business from marketing to accounting to operations to human resources.

Finally a number of other events have lots of "networking", and there is nothing worse than awkward networking time (or that one person running around trying to pitch their business). We have NO awkward networking and NO sales pitches.

We like to think of our events as bringing together a community of experts to help your business.


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Why Come to our Events?

We believe three things about growing and running a business.

1. Running a business can be hard and you need to surround with people who encourage you to greater things. At our events we try to have other owners who are looking to grow their businesses and encourage one another to try new things. We have a no bad apple rule: which is if you are a negative influence on our events you are not invited back.

2. Business is constantly evolving and changing so you need to be constantly learning and exploring ideas. Our events are designed to be as practical as possible so that you leave with something tangible that you could do in your business to make it better. Even if you cannot implement it now due to timing, resources, etc you will have the knowledge to re-visit it at a later time.

3. When a group of people with common goals get together there is a great depth of knowledge. Businesses and people from other industry's will have ways of doing thing that your industry has never thought of. We try to have businesses of different types so that we can learn from each other. For instance older businesses can learn what newer businesses are doing, and new business can avoid mistakes older businesses made, furthermore we have different industry's involved so that we don't have too many competitors all in one room so you can share freely the strategies and methods that you are using.


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Here are some of our upcoming events & topics.

Langley Business Seminar - Website

Website: How to make your website better at selling your services
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Surrey Business Seminar - Accounting

Accounting: Questions to ask your accountant to optimize your taxes and understand your finances
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Langley Business Workshop - Marketing

Marketing: What, when, how should you market your business.
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Surrey Business Workshop - Analytics

Human Resources: How to find the right employees to grow your business
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